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The AttendiMax website was created to ease management tasks including the availing of immediate info as to where the employees are. This method was used in organisations, tested from 2011 and found to fill a big need.

Benefits of using AttendiMax

  1. Save on costs by utilizing webcam technology instead of biometrics.
  2. Eliminate manual time and attendance registers.
  3. Accurate time recording and reporting.
  4. Increase staff productivity by not letting phones ring if that person is not at his desk.
  5. Improve the communication of messages to employees from external people.
  6. Never miss a message because the receptionist can phone, email or SMS your message if the message is urgent.
  7. All time records are provable and auditable to increase accountability.
  8. Save on distributed terminals since the terminals cater for different languages and time zones.
  9. Run a professional reception by getting a receptionists that uses Attendimax.
  10. Minimise training expenses because Attendimax is used internationally as the new standard.
  11. Save costs of biometric or similar systems and keep it simple.
  12. Attendimax is free and will stay free.

How it works

You place a tablet at the entrance or reception of your building and for example outside of your boardroom.

This is how it typically looks:
First tablet screen with list of names
The person finds his / her name from the list and clicks on the button.

The next screen shows the actions they can possible select:
Options after person is selected
In this example the person has already selected "Start clock for Visit client" and is thus flagged at the top of the page to select the default button at the top or the person can select the "Stop clock after Visit client".

If you are configured to receive notification, you will receive an email with the picture (when configured to take a picture) and the email will contain the following information.
Email manager receives if configured to

The receptionist has her own screen:
Screen the Receptionist has access to to view where the people are
Which shows how many minutes back did the status change. According to this picture Sandy Gardner is busy with Visit client for 11 minutes.

The receptionist can send a message to the person involved by clicking on the first button next to his / her name. A message will be displayed on the terminal and can be emailed to the person if the email address is available.
Receptionist leaves a message to a terminal user

The receptionist can view which messages were left for Sandy and determine if Sandy has read or viewed the messages.
View if messages was received

When Sandy goes to the terminal / tablet, she will be presented with the message and she will need to click on the "I got it" message to continue. The receptionist can track that Sandy received the message.
Message on the terminal

The report viewer has access to various reports:
Summary of number of hours worked per person, per day, up to the instant of viewing, without the need for manual attendance registers. Summary Report

Placing a dashboard screen in reception or in tea room, makes the employee's actions visible to all the people and minimises micro management.
Dashboard of where the people are


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