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How do you sign up and start using it?

Step 1: Go to the https://www.attendimax.com website and complete the Sign Up section. Remember the website is fully Afrikaans capable as well.

First page of the website

Step 2: Determine where you will be placing the tablet for example at the entrance (under survailance) of the premises.

Step 3: Login to the AttendiMax website, click on 'Terminals' and then on 'Add'. Complete that page and click on 'Save Changes'.
Link to add a Terminal to the list
Link to add a user

Step 4: Add the users that will be using the terminal by clicking on the image: Button to click to add a new user

List of users to show on terminal

Step 5: Select a template of buttons to use on the terminal.

List of buttons to show on terminal

List of buttons to show on terminal

And a list like this will appear:
List of buttons to show on terminal

Step 6: Install Chrome browser on terminal (it is the best as it remembers your camera settings). Internet Explorer does not currently have the support for the tablet camera so rather use Chrome or Firefox.

Step 7: Copy the terminal login address to the tablet and set as home page.
Login page for the terminal

This tool is totally free and available to use in your company, school, university etc.

Now you can start using the terminal!

You are welcome to send an email to support@attendimax.com for further questions or support.


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